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I am Devon Worrell Fitness & Transformation Coach with a passion for travel and adventure. I help Busy Moms & Business Professionals lose weight, get in shape and feel better about themselves in the shortest space of time through a proven training and nutrition solution.


Now, If you're frustrated and feel like giving up because you've been working so hard and not getting the results you want... Is your weight a frequent source of frustration for you? Clothes no longer fit like they used to? You've got Trouble spots that won't go away? Maybe you're embarrassed or self-conscious about yourself? You no longer enjoy going out and avoid social situations for fear what others might say or think about you and your increasing size.

Well, I'm here to help you. Let's be real! doing what you've been doing hasn't been working for you! has it?  - else you won't be here.


I'm a Motivating, Results driven coach with a knack for helping individuals move from where they are, to getting them past their limiting beliefs about themselves and achieving the lifestyles and bodies they desire. I truly believe that nothing is impossible and with the right tools, support and motivation you can hit your goals.

Having traveled abroad to further my studies in Computer Science I discovered my passion for the fitness industry and the real joy and fulfillment I got from helping others achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. My drive for completing anything I started compelled me to completing my degree in Computer Science which I did successfully and graduated with BSc. 1st. class honours and like most people I found myself in the corporate world doing the dreaded 9 - 5 before eventually realizing my real devotion and passion lied in the fitness industry.


I left the corporate world and founded Fitness 360' with the aim of providing the citizenry with quality personal fitness training solution which is so lacking and has since become known as the Go-To fitness expert for helping working professionals and busy moms lose weight and get in shape after all else has failed.  Along the way, I've developed a clientele of notable public figures and influencers who remain committed to me.


With over 20 years of experience, I've had the pleasure of traveling extensively working with people from all walks of life, helping them reach their health and fitness goals while making healthier lifestyle choices. I have worked at a number of top New York city gyms before taking my career further overseas to the U.K. where I taught a range of Fitness classes, as well as presenting Health Wellness and Nutritional seminars internationally as Fitness Director of a popular cruise line. Over the years I have attained a wide variety of Certifications and specializations from nationally and internationally recognized organizations/institutions.


So if you're tired of feeling like you were destined to carrying that weight forever, tired of feeling stuck where you're at, tired of clothes that no longer fit - and you want to truly get back to the person you were. Then I can help you.


Committed to Your Success,


Devon N. Worrell

Founder/Fitness Director

Fitness 360' Ltd.


Fitness 360' Ltd. formerly Fitness DynamiKs is a Corporate and Personal fitness training solutions provider in the business of transforming bodies through quality Health & Fitness training and Education. Providing individuals with the Skills, Tools, and MOtivation required to make Lifestyle Changes. We are committed to offering High-Quality Health & Fitness training solutions through our "I AM 360' FIT" approach which allow individuals to achieve exceptional results. We are dedicated to bringing a Fun yet Challenging training experience to the citizenery. 


Our goal is to not simply provide the populace with another option in the fitness environment but a Solution.

- A Solution to lack of Results

- A Solution to Poor Coaching

- A Solution to Poor Training Program Design

- A Solution to Poor Customer Service

- A Solution to Low-Quality Training Experience


The results my clients have achieved speak for themselves. Success Stories and I speak confidently when I say that Fitness 360’ is your best Fitness and Fat Loss Solution.

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