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New Years Fitness Resolutions

Hey, how are those fitness resolutions going?

It's been quite some time since January 1st, and I'm sure that you're feeling great about the new year and the opportunities it brought.

But how many of us have actually stuck to our fitness goals for more than a week or two?

How many managed to maximize our physical development results?

If the answer is "not me," then this blog post is for you.

The new year is right around the corner so if you want to optimize your progress and smash your new year's resolutions way before the new year even started, keep reading this as we give you our best tips to get you through to your goals.

#1 Plan Ahead

If you think about it, fitness is quite predictable, especially if you have a specific, well-thought-out plan of action.

So before you rush into doing the things you have to do to improve physically and mentally, you have to, well, know what you're doing!

Think about the end results you want to achieve in the upcoming year and build your plan accordingly.

This would entail careful optimization of physical activity and nutrition so if you are a newbie in this regard, your best bet is to hire a professional trainer/coach/nutritionist, who can help you figure out what's best for YOU.

#2 Find Quality Food Sources

In the fitness world, it's all about quality over quantity so if you plan on achieving a great physique and fitness goals in the next year, your nutrition should be of top priority.

You have to know what foods are going to help you get there faster while minimizing any negative effects or sacrifices along the way.

There is a lot of theory regarding healthy nutrition, but if we had to get it down to a couple of bullet points, here's how it would look like:

  1. Derive sufficient essential nutrients (Proteins & fats) from quality sources (foods from well-raised animals)

  2. Avoid processed foods, focus on whole foods

  3. Drink plenty of water

  4. Eat sequentially (first carbs & veggies, then proteins and fats)

#3 Get A Training Buddy

Odds are that at least one of your closest friends has also set fitness goals, meaning that, well you have someone like-minded close to you!

Share your resolutions with friends and get yourself a training buddy!

In doing so, you can open ground for accountability and exchange of information about training and nutrition.

Last but not least, sharing healthy habits with a close friend can create a strong bond that lasts a lifetime!

#4 Monitor & Adjust

Even if you do hire a professional to create tailored training and nutrition plans, you must keep in mind that nothing works forever.

Throughout your fitness journey, you must track your progress and adjust the plan as needed.

This is the exact reason why, in working with a professional, you should also consider regular check-ins and weekly consultations, besides the creation of specific fitness plans.

#5 Start A New Activity

Fitness training and good nutrition are just two fundamentals for your new year's resolutions.

The next chapter of your fitness starts when you realize how much more than that you can do with your body and mind.

In the new year, choose a new, fun activity to engage in and stay consistent with!

Feel the joy of using your body for a variety of activities - Training isn’t just weights and cardio!

To Wrap It Up

The time has come to make a new year's fitness resolution. The question is, what are you going to do for your health this year?

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