"When was the last time you followed a Healthy Eating and Fitness Plan, proven to give you "the Results you desire & Help You Look & Feel Your Best"

Dear Prospective Client,

Whether you were directed here by one of our successful clients or you discovered one of our case studies... I'm grateful to have you here with me today. 

I would like to set up a time to talk to you in a Private Introductory Coaching Session where we will review your Health History, Fitness Background, Past Injuries, discuss your Specific Goals, potential roadblocks and really get to know you better. The Coaching Session helps you determine where your body is now so that you and us can have all the critical information you need before you ever consider joining our program or any other gym.


Here's a peek into our coaching session approach:

  • Body Fat Testing: We'll do a complimentary Body Composition Analysis and body fat testing with you so you can see where your overall body composition is currently.

  • Introductory Fitness Test & Physiological Age Test: In your consultation, we will also undergo a brief fitness assessment-based workout and Physiological Age Test to test your mobility, flexibility, range-of-motion, stability, strength and endurance. The purpose of this test is to see where your current level of fitness is & how to keep you safe during your workouts with us plus the added benefit of knowing how much your body has aged compared to your actual calendar age.

  • Nutrition Review: As part of your consultation we'll review your current nutrition habits and provide recommendations on how to start eating healthier and more sustainable.

  • Goals Review: We'll discuss your goals and explore the deeper motivating factors why your goals are so important to you and potential roadblocks and identify key factors to help you stay focused accountable and committed to your goals.

  • Personalized Recommendations: After the consultation is completed we'll provide you personalized recommendations for how to begin adjusting your nutrition and workouts in a way to help you start seeing better results. We will also review our program options with you and provide the best recommendation for you to see results and that fits your budget.

The overall goal is to assess your current state so we can be sure if Fitness 360' is the best fit for you so we can:

Get You Started—and Seeing Results—as Quickly as Possible.

During your Introductory Coaching Session we'll work together:

  • To Create a Crystal Clear vision for the kind of results you want - Exactly how you would like your body to look and feel. 

  • You'll discover hidden challenges and clarity on 3 things that may be sabotaging your results and what you need to do to get Results.

  • You'll leave the session Renewed, Re-energized and Inspired with a clear game plan on how to lose the weight once and for all and look and feel your best.


Do you know that People who work with a coach are more likely to see progress and goal achievement than individuals who train on their own? 

and while I understand that you, too, have many options when it comes to your fitness; this is why we want to take the time to get to know you and show you why we are different - we're not just another fitness and weight loss program. 

To schedule your time, please simply fill out the short form below and I will get a time scheduled with you as soon as possible.


Thanks again for your interest in Fitness 360'! I look forward to meeting with you soon! 


Committed to Your Success,


Devon N. Worrell BSc.(Hons.)

Founder/Fitness Director

Fitness 360' Ltd.