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Success Stories

Here's a selection of recent TRANSFORMATIONS. These are people just like you who have achieved exceptional  results - without being shouted at in an over crowded boot camp or the fashion show at the crowded 'fish market' gym.

Mrs. Sharon Rowley

" Devon combines diverse training methods and individualized exercise programmes which challenge the individual to achieve goals set. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work, and ultimately to his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets a foundation for an improved lifestyle! Devon’s easy going, friendly but firm personality creates for the individual a relaxed, comfortable and challenging atmosphere. He places a high value on correct form with each exercise and motivates me to push past my perceived limits. .” 

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Tonya Rowley

As my mother says, I dragged her to the gym to keep me company as I attempted to tone up for the perfect wedding dress fit in 2012. After five years with Devon, stopping only for the latter part of my pregnancy in 2015, when I gained more weight than I choose to mention, I can safely say that I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Training during my pregnancy was excellent for my mind and body. The workouts evolved as my body changed and I was able to stick to a fitness routine throughout my pregnancy. Having a fit body assisted in making my post-pregnancy recovery a manageable transition. Devon’s strength and cardio workouts targeted my abs and helped to shrink and tighten my post-pregnancy stomach. With persistence, focus and determination I am now a fitter and infinitely more health conscious individual combining Devon’s work outs with healthy eating habits.

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Anastacia Solomon

“ When I hired Devon my goals were to lose weight and improve my overall energy levels.These goals were achieved through a fitness regime that was designed specifically for my needs. It included a balance of cardio and strength training exercises that were different from the normal ‘run of the mill’ exercises with the usual gym equipment. In addition to losing 27lbs, my overall fitness and energy level has increased. I no longer have that tired sluggish feeling. I can now do 2 laps laps around The Savannah comfortably. Oh and shopping is definitely more fun!

This along with his guidance and support with regards to nutrition and health were instrumental in achieving my goals. Devon is very professional in his conduct with clients. His professionalism, along with his knowledge and warm personality make him easy to interact with, discuss concerns and seek advice on fitness matters. , my training plan worked well for me. I may not have lost weight rapidly but by adopting safe, healthy and realistic practices, I have made a lifestyle change as opposed to trying a quick fix with temporary results. The most important thing people should know about working with Devon is Result oriented and dedicated to helping and guiding his clients in accomplishing their overall fitness goals – but you have to be willing to do the work! “

Gina Schwartz

“When I started at Fitness 360' I wanted to lose weight and feel better about my overall appearance. I also wanted to increase my fitness and overall health. To date I have definitely lost weight and feel better but even more so I am less tired, I sleep betterand have a better appreciation of how to eat to accomplish my goals. I enjoy the training sessions, they are short and focused, so they are easy to fit into my schedule. The exercises are interesting and varied (no two sessions are ever the same)

Before I started working with Devon and Fitness 360' it was difficult for me to do physical things like climb stairs and I would make sure I did not have to walk for long distances, but I am so much capable now and can do those things much better now. The most important thing that I want people to know, is that It's Important to have your own focus and Not Give Up. Losing weight and getting in shape Really is a Journey.”

Dalia Edwards

When I started with Devon my goals were to lose weight & to become physically stronger, to date I have accomplished that by changing a few eating habits and sticking to Devon’s programme even at the beginning when it was hard to see results. Since training with Devon I have lost over 17Lbs 12% body fat, increased lean tissue, dropped two(2) sizes and been able to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to fit into for years. I’m physically stronger.

Ariane Mohan

"When I first started training with Devon my main intention was to lose weight. Over the past two years, thanks to Devon, I’ve gained a better overall understanding of my health aside from just wanting to be “smaller”. He taught me the proper techniques in executing exercises, different types of exercises and most importantly the importance of eating healthy. Devon is extremely personable and patient. He makes me feel to work out even when I’m exhausted because of his positive cheery attitude. Note that behind that cheery exterior he still manages to be firm enough to encourage me to push beyond my boundaries and get the most out of my session with him (only Devon can manage to make one hour seem like forever). I would 100% recommend his services to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life."  

Urania Scanterbury

"When I first started training with Devon my main intention was to lose weight. Over the past two years, thanks to Devon, I’ve gained a better overall understanding of my health aside from just wanting to be “smaller”. He taught me the proper techniques in executing exercises, different types of exercises and most importantly the importance of eating healthy. Devon is extremely personable and patient. He makes me feel to work out even when I’m exhausted because of his positive cheery attitude. Note that behind that cheery exterior he still manages to be firm enough to encourage me to push beyond my boundaries and get the most out of my session with him (only Devon can manage to make one hour seem like forever). I would 100% recommend his services to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life."  


"I was 15lbs overweight when I started with Devon Worrell, he is very professional in his work and made me comfortable and answered whatever questions I had for him. He planned a well balanced diet and exercise routine. I cannot ask for a better gym instructor than Devon Worrell. Within 6 short weeks I was able to lose over 15lbs and reduce my Body Fat% by 9% down to 22% Body Fat. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their goal in weight loss. Also, thanks to my guru for helping me to have a discipline mind and my husband, Jai, for his support and encouragement." 

Ciara Edwards

"When When I started with Devon my goals were to lose weight and eat healthy and be a fitter individual overall, prior to that I had really bad eating habits, eating un-healthy, snacking and was rather inactive. At first my biggest issues with starting the program were if I would  be able to follow the eating plan and stay committed. I can gladly say now that I have and was able to overcome the obstacles. I have successfully lost 16Lbs. and significantly reduced my Body Fat percentages and my stamina has increased. Training at Fitness 360’ I particularly liked the fact that Devon made it fun and almost easy to do. My life now: I feel much better, Clothes fit much better,people are seeing the results and complementing me more and I’m even more aware of my health.."  

Dionne Worrell

When I started at Fitness 360 my initial goal was to lose weight and this was accomplished successfully through tailored balance meal plans and exercise that suited my fitness levels at the time. Devon has the expertise in the field of Health and Fitness to positively get you the results you need, his humble and encouraging personality makes it easy for me to really accomplish my goals. Before Fitness 360’ I tried everything from fad diets and quick fixes which only had temporary results, my energy levels were low and I could not even make the entire Queens Park Savannah without stopping. Now I have more energy, loves working out and can jog the QPS without stopping. Devon is very Professional and Knowledgeable and has the encouraging personality to get you to that fitness level you desire."  

Bridget Joseph Thomas

"Having started at Fitness 360 my goals were to reduce my size, lose weight and get toned. My meals were ‘aplenty’ and somewhat un-healthy with little exercise. At first I was sceptical wondering if this program would work as fast as they say and would I get my money’s worth?

Well to date I have lost a ‘Chunk’ of weight, my size has gone down dramatically from a size 16 I'm now down to a size 8 and I feel great and fit. It was definitely worth the investment and more. I am particularly impressed by Devon’s dedication to assisting me reach my targets. It’s No BS, No slacking, Hard Work yet Enjoyment.

“I can now Shop and Love it. Trying on new clothes on a better body is a Great Feeling”."  

Nicholas Sagar 

When I started with Devon I wasnted to lose weight mainly but also improve my healh and fitness. To date I've lost over 18lbs in less than 8 weeks, over 5 inches off my waist I also met with the dietitian and adjusted my portions and food choices. What I like most is that the time slots fit my work schedule and the short duration of sessions, constantly changing routines ad exercises.

Before I started I could not do the whole workout (I wasn't able to complete the simple assessment . Now I wear smaller clothes and I'm more energized in everything I do. If yo want results you can get it but you've got to be serious and committed and make up your mind to put in the effort.

Kirk Melville

"When I first started with Devon my goals were on holistic health development increase my muscle development and reduce my Body Fat%. Through steady regime of proper nutrition guidelines and exercise provided by Devon consistency inmy training and following the guidelines and directions provided I have sincelost 8Lbs body fat, reduced my Body Fat by 10% and increased lean muscle by 10 Lbs. Before starting I was sceptical about if I would have been able to stick to the program and accomplish my goals. Apart from accomplishing my goals I am more Energized throughout the day, I breathe better now my sleep has improved and there has been considerable reduction in my stomach size. I like the support, encouragement and communication provided by Devon to allow me to achieve my maximum potential.. Since starting at Fitness 360 I am now a lot more healthier, more energized during the day and most importantly more alert as I don’t fall asleep anymore while driving."  

Jason Marson

"  As a guy when I started at Fitness 360’ I was determined to reduce my “Belly Fat” improve my stamina and put on lean muscle. when I started I did a lot of cardio that really tested my endurance as well as strength, that was followed by resistance training using a lot of my own body weight then gradual introduction of weights and bands with regular assessments to track my progress and accomplishments. Devon’s appearance showed that he knows what he’s doing, To date my body fat has moved from 18% when I started to 9% at present, personal endurance improved and “the Belly has gone down” !!! Devon is a Fitness Guru, the sessions are fun, motivating and he’s knowledgeable about fitness. I look forward to training every week.."  

Neeca Brathwaite

I wanted to lose weight and tone up when I started at Fitness 360', and my experience has been Great!!! I started Fitness 360' because I was impressed with the results I saw from another colleague. Some of my Biggest achievements are: I've been able to stick with my exercising routine, I've lost most of my belly fat and I'm able to do stuff that I couldn't do when I started.

My biggest obstacle is that I was diagnosed with spondylosis and exercising was very difficult and painful. Over time I've made a lot of progress and changes I can now do deadlifts and crunches which were difficult and hurt my back before; I eat more consciously now (not that I don't sneak in the occasional currants roll... LOL). The biggest change I've made is the mental shift towards exercising, fitness and diet. I have truly enjoyed the increasing complexity of exercises, challenging myself and messing with Devon… LOL!!!

Natalie Bootan

“I started training with Devon at Fitness 360 because I wanted to be consistent with my training, I wanted to Love going to exercise, losing weight and enjoying it to the max while doing such as well as Eating well and staying focused on my development.

I’m now excited to workout, I actually look forward to it, my level of commitment and consistency has certainly increased and I look at exercise as a way of life. I have entirely changed my feelings about exercise... It has built my confidence level and made me buffer (more toned). I admire Devons’ confidence in what he does and how he works with each individual in their own unique way. His passion for excellence and ensuring that you the individual is never bored. His thought patterns of why we exercise and it’s not just about the “ scale”. There are sooo much Before and After results I can talk about, too much to mention. However, What I would like to mention though is the sculpting of my body with exercise, again It’s not the weight on the scale, it’s the stamina and will power I’ve developed. If you’re thinking about working with Devon the most important thing I can tell anyone is his Dedication and Commitment. Don’t waste his time!!! “

Joan Richardson

 I originally came to Fitness 360/Devon to drop off my daughter to register as she was referred by a friend. There I met Devon, saw the one-on-one environment and immediately knew this was the type of personal training and attention I always wanted, but never found in those large well established Gyms. I immediately joined, as the fees were also quite affordable for the personalized service. 

While my intention of joining was not to gain or lose weight, as I am naturally a slim built person, my main intention and continues to be for health and fitness purposes, to keep my body toned, firm and more youthful then my birthday certificate would will tell. (If you wish to know, Devon is allowed to tell you.) This I have managed to accomplish since joining. I have also felt the difference in general health, due to the fact that high blood pressure is heredity in my family and my workouts keeps me in better health,  relatively normal blood pressure. I have been a member of different and more popular Gyms in the past. However, at Fitness 360 the limited number of persons per session, individual attention, disciplined training, on-time training, flexibility with individual schedules, no time-wasting environment, and friendly yet respectful atmosphere makes a difference. 

It's important things to know about Devons' his dependability (always there) his creativity (always adding some new aspect or event to boost training) his commitment to results (will check individuals progress re target) and the ease at which he communicates with his clients makes it easy to express your challenges.

Dody Widratro

Prior to starting with Devon at Fitness 360’ I was eating everything, lots of carbs and sugars, I didn’t manage my food intake neither did I exercise on a regular basis. I decided to get started because I had put on so much weight, I felt weak and easily got sick and was always tired. I like Devon’s personal approach that’s directed towards your goals, consistency of training and I felt my body improve gradually. Before I ate everything but now I have a plan that I use to manage my eating, I feel much better. Before I easily got tired and hungry and now I’m not, I feel more energised and satisfied when I eat. If you plan on working with Devon Be consistent, follow his guidelines and Don’t Give up.

Annavash Persad

Prior to starting with Fitness 360’ I was inconsistent with exercise and needed motivation. I needed to get fit and had health reasons. I had high blood pressure and it has since stabilized to the point that I no longer need to take tablets for it everyday. My body is toned, lost inches I have moved from a size 12 to size 8. I liked the personalized attention and size of sessions the attention and devotion Devon places on getting clients to achieve results. If you’re serious about getting results Be consistent, Follow the eating guidelines and Hard work pays off.

Adanna Pierre

Prior to starting I had no core strength, it was a struggle to get back into a fitness routine.  I got started because I recently had a baby wanted to get my tummy down and lose weight overall. I had no time to do long workout routines and due to my declining level of fitness. I liked the short sessions, eating guidelines were provided, workouts varied and continuously forced to challenging yourself DEVON KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING – Trust the process and saw results, my tummy went down and my fitness level is has increased. If you’re ready to start rust the process, follow the plan, push yourself and don’t give up”

Stacy Beepath

I originally come to Fitness 360/Devon to take charge of myself. After marriage and kids I allowed myself to let go and fell behind. I got so caught up taking care of everythinh and everyone else while not focusing on myself.

To date I am feeling fitter, I feel more energetic, I feel healthy and it sure feels good to face the world.  I love the personal attention and the encouragement I get from Devon while I am working out, I feel motivated and confident and it's not as hard as I thought it would have been.

It's  important that you know that working with Devon is fun although he is serious about results and success. He's a great person who motivates and encourages me when I am there.

Dr. Joanne Mitchell

I came to fitness 360 after trying many different diets and attending quite a few gyms without seeing any lasting results.  I was also concerned that my current weight could affect my health and I knew that I needed to get fitter. I was also impressed with the results that I saw others had at Fitness360.

The first changes I noticed after starting the program was improved sleep and feeling less fatigued during the day. Also as the programmed progressed I noticed that my clothes fit better (even though the scale didn’t move ) and that I no longer had chronic knee pain. I feel fitter and I know that I am stronger. In the beginning I felt winded after a couple minutes of exercise and now I see great improvement with my exercise tolerance. My friends have also commented in how much slimmer I look.

First Devon lets you know upfront that he only works with committed individuals. I think that hearing this on a first visit puts you in the right frame of mind as it cements the fact that there is no magic formula or quick fix to meeting your fitness goal – its takes hard work and time! The program is different because you have a lot of guidance in terms of healthy eating and lifestyle changes and it’s not only about coming to exercise. Devon is very accessible and if something isn’t working he will modify your fitness plan. I like the fact that the sessions are small, private and each session is different so you don’t get bored!

Working with Devon is great because he is both professional and friendly yet tough. He challenges you to be better and won’t let you quit. Also it’s easy to come to him with any fitness problems that you may encounter.

Kerry Sahadeo

My initial goals were to lose weight and learn to eat healthyand maintain that for healthy purposes. By following Devon’s guidelines and keeping focused on my goals I have successfully achieved my goals, to date I’ve dropped over 15lbs as well as reduced my body fat% over 10%. Devon is very focused and is able to answer my fitness questions. He really works with you to achieve your goals. Compared to before I started I am not as tired as before and I feel more motivated. Most significant, is that my PCOS has improved and I’m off medication. My diet has also improved drastically – no feeling for sugar. Devon is serious and dedicated to what he does. He understands everone may need a different approach to getting fit and achieving their goals and assists with that. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

Nisha Maraj

" When I started in September 2015 ,I wanted to lose approximately 10lbs. and improve my body fat% which was over 35% at the time. I lost the weight within the first 2 months and have maintained a lower weight since joining. My bodyfst has reduced and my fitnesslevel has improved through consistent training and following healthier eating habits provided by Devon. I like the small groupsand friendly environment. I Love that Devon monitors progress on a consistent basis and gives guidelines on ways to enhance progress. When I joined Fitness 360 I was size 8 and 11 months after I’m down to a size 2!! That is amazing and I feel so much better about my body and overall fitness level.

I wish I had started with Devon Sooner. I went to a regular gym for 5 years prior and never saw the kind of results as with Devon. Once you’re serious about your goals, Devon will work jst as hard as you to ensure your goals are achieved. It’s Totally worth it!

Rosie V.

" When I started my goals were to Tone Up, Improve my cardio, my Results were Very positive on my recovery time and Increased Strength. I like the atmosphere and individualized personal attention with my goals and development. Before I started I wasn’t able to do a single push up - now 17! J. I got my flexibility back and can now rest my forehead on the floor. Working with Devon is Hard Work! But he’s a Good Motivator, has a personal approach and is Very Knowledgeable.’ ently to physical activities." 

Matthew D.

 I wanted to build muscle, develop tonality, increase my energy, increase my strength. I am now way to achieving these goals. Devon has layed out a very focused and comprehensive plan for me. During my time with him I made noticeable improvement and look forward to following the plan to achieving the rest of my goals. Devon was not only very motivational but he was very conscious of my limitations and weaknesses. He appropriately worked with me to strengthen and improve those areas as a way of helping to achieve my overall goals. I have improved all over, some specifics are that I can now do nearly 5 pull ups within a short space of time (before I could only do 0). I have also seen increased size (one of my goals) and the strength in my legs and left shoulder has increased dramatically (areas of real prior weakness). Devon Has a very welcoming personality is dedicated and extremely responsive to my results and working with me to finding ways to achieving my goals. I just wished I could have stayed and worked with Devon longer."

Adesh Maraj

Prior to starting I was unfit, I have some minor heart issues and before training with Devon I found it difficult simple everyday tasks such as walking up stairs for example. I was tired of not being able to perform simple tasks as mentioned above. Also I wanted to drop some weight, I was advised that maintaining a healthy weight would help my situation. Devon didn’t just focus on training. He focuses on your overall well-being by using software to track your progress as the months go by, as well as suggesting diet tweaks to fit your lifestyle. I can now jog up 8 flight of stairs without an issue and then jog back down again. No problem. I noticed that I’m also stronger than I was before started training. Also seeing muscles in places I never had before.

Eugenia Thomas

" When I started at Fitness 360 my goals were to get fit and toned body, it’s an ongoing process however I’ve seen improvements in my body shape in addition to changes in eating. I have already dropped 2 sizes since I started 6 weeks ago. "

When I started the program I was also due for surgery for my thyroids, which were at size 11 which is beyond the normal size, now I no longer have to do the surgery I just have to monitor it and it's now a size 3" 

Training with Devon is quite comfortable and he gives you a feeling of confidence . I’ve since become more flexible in my body movements, arthritis in my knee is much improved - 90% decrease in pain and my energy levels has substantially increased."

Zorina Mohan

My children had employed the services of Devon Worrell in their quest for fitness and I was encouraged to join their class. At first I was hesitant because I am in my fifties and the age difference and the intensity of the exercises had me concerned. Eventually, my spouse and I joined the kids and it was very manageable. Devon tailored the training sessions to suit our level of fitness while encouraging us to push harder and become healthier. I am a diabetic and it was recommended by my doctor that I needed to exercise more often and intensely so that I would not worsen, after working with Devon for approximately a year, my results had improved steadily (I no longer on medication). My health is better and I feel more energised in my Daily life. I would recommend Devon’s services to anyone at any age trying to be healthier." 

Gillian Cozier

The results were Better than I expected. I have done so many other programs without the results I have seen in the past 6 weeks. THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!! ” I loved everything ! The exercise sessions were just enough to keep the motivation going. The diet, though I thought it was going to be difficult to maintain at first quickly became the norm for me”

Shyline B.

Good morning Devon,

I  must say I am satisfied thus far with the program its unique and unusual and I am trying to stick to it 90% of the time.

I do find my relaxation time during that secession, I have also been able to sleep properly and it has also build my self-esteem also I am getting excellent complaints and quite happy. - Shyline Barlow

Nekesa Noel

I wanted to lose weight and increase my fitness level when I started. I‘ve lost the weight thus far and pains and discomfort I felt in my right knee  from an old injury is no more. The time fits into my schedule I get great advice and encouragement from Devon. When I first started I could have barely finished a set or complete a routine. I now have increased endurance and sleep a lot better. Anyone now starting, I would advise you to listen to the advice and follow the instructions.

Maria Quintal

When I started with Devon I wanted to lose weight, drop a couple dress sizes, thus far I’ve accomplished this dropping 2 dress sizes to date. The training sessions are challenging but enjoyable. While challenging, its encouraging without the yelling you get at other facilities. Prior to getting started I was very limited in my fitness experience and level however, I now feel, motivated, stronger and more confident. If you just starting out I encourage you to keep at it, take small steps and don’t give up. Do it for You!

Camlyn Beard

I wanted to improve my strength generally when I got started. My goals have been accomplished I also have much improved balance and durability in my daily work routine, less pain in my right knee I feel accomplished when I leave the training studio even when I’m walking out. Pleasant, accommodating, non-intimidating, consistent

Albina Bertrand

Upon starting with Devon my goals were to lose weight, build muscle and tone my body. I’ve certainly accomplished most of my goals with hard work, dedication and good communication with Devon. I love his commitment and drive. He starts every session on time was always present and administered what I would call “ Tough Love” which was beneficial to my success. I have increased stamina, feel less tired and I’m happier I’m burning the fat. If you’re thinking about getting started you should know Devon is committed, dedicated and is ready to assist busy moms to accomplish their desired goals.

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