Results Driven Coaching for Busy Professionals!



This isn't an intimidating overcrowded box, you get more Monitoring, Attention, and Guidance here than you get elsewhere. No getting lost in another overcrowded Bootcamp. Fitness 360’ features express metabolic workouts in a small class environment for busy people. At Fitness 360' there is no intimidating gym equipment as we use a variety of training techniques which have been scientifically proven to be the Optimum way to Lose Fat and Improve Overall Fitness while maintaining precious muscle tissue.

We are a Transformation Centre, which means you get everything you need to succeed; Not Just a Workout. You push you to achieve your Personal Bests and Break Plateaus. We don't compete on Prices our focus is solely on giving Results. 

Our workouts are short in duration and designed to boost post-exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the workout is over. We utilize the newest and most unique approach to hit the fitness industry with incredible results, our approach also combines the Muscle-Building benefits of Resistance Training with the Fat-Burning benefits of Interval Training and Included Nutrition Coaching in all memberships - without it, your results will be minimal.


The result is a challenging result-driven program that will:

  • Kick your Metabolism into overdrive 36 to 48 hours post-workout

  • Tone N’ Tighten your entire body

  • Blast Stubborn Fat in your Abs, Hips, Thighs, and Lower Back

  • Dramatically improve Strength, Energy & Performance

Personal Training

Private One-on-One and Partner sessions with you as the primary focus. Ideal for those seeking to achieve their goals in the quickest time with individualized training, customized training plans, guided nutrition, an individual schedule and un-divided attention from your coach. Or partner up and share your session with a friend, family member or co-worker and save.

Small-Group Personal Training (SGPT)

Our SGPT is our most popular program, it fills the gap between Group Training and Personal Training. Our Small Group training sessions cater to the busy professional looking for flexible scheduling, progress tracking and state of the art program design. Greater Attention, Support & Accountability in pursuit of your goals.


WARNING: My Programs are NOT for everyone and not everyone who applies will be successful. If you're just looking for a sweat or think that simply paying your money and showing up you'll get results, then you're in the wrong place and this isn't for you. This is for people who are committed and ready to work hard at each session and follow the guidelines given... It doesn't do my business any good to have people who fail.

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